Millions of Ugandans live in energy poverty. No grid extends to their homes or community centers. No safe lights illuminate their remote homes. Children use dirty and dangerous kerosene lamps to study at night. Mothers struggle to care for their children. Elders remain isolated and in the dark. Without solar programming and partnerships, life is challenging. 

But, Solar Health Uganda (SHU) is available to implement change and brighten lives in partnership with local and international actors. A renewable energy consultation group founded by Let There Be Light International (LTBLI) in partnership with Kyosiga Community Christian Association for Development in Uganda, SHU works to raise awareness about energy poverty and to implement sustainable solutions. Through outreach and flexible, innovative programming, the team improves the lives of thousands of vulnerable families. 

Our Team in Action


With complementary skills and experience, Solar Health Uganda (SHU) leverages creates lasting impact. SHU conducts rigorous solar energy needs and impact assessments. It trains aligned NGOs and colleagues in data collection and management. And, the team conducts trainings for women to become solar entrepreneurs through LTBLI’s Women SET program. Due to their unique positioning in the sector, SHU helps meet the basic energy needs of households not able to participate in market-based solutions. Barriers may include age, disability status, geography, or gender. Furthermore, the team works with partners to solar-electrify public health clinics.  

Our Solar Team

Caroline Mwebaza, a Psychiatric Clinical Officer, began as a consultant with SHU in 2017. Caroline recognizes that poverty is correlated with increased incidences of mental illness among children and adults. In the communities where she works in Uganda, the level of poverty is alarmingly high. Caroline supports women entrepreneurs through Let There Be Light International’s Women SET (Solar Empowerment Training). She provides advice about scaling their businesses and tracking their performance, helping them to achieve financial stability. Due to her hard work, Caroline was selected to serve as Net Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Ambassador representing Uganda.

George Mike Luberenga has been a consultant with SHU since 2017. He is interested in Community Development, Environmental Issues and Social Justice. He has a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and an Administrative Law certificate. George Mike implements lighting needs surveys in remote communities. Also, he helps administer solar lighting grants and coordinates solar distributions. In addition, he trains field teams in energy programming and provides key advisory services to aligned NGOs and CSOs joining the renewable energy sector.

Siriman Kiryowa joined the consulting team of SHU in 2019. He is an environmentalist and is passionate about mitigating Climate Change. Siriman holds a degree in Agriculture and has worked in the fields of research, environmental conservation, and food insecurity. He collaborates with fellow consultants to conduct solar lighting needs and impact assessments. Furthermore, he raises public awareness about energy poverty and conducts outreach sessions on the benefits of solar lighting. His primary responsibility is to document program implementation projects and impacts.

Successes and Thanks

To-date, a total of 9 NGOs/CBOs currently are benefiting from Solar Health Uganda’s consultancy services. Solar Health Uganda thanks Let There Be Light International for their ongoing support of our key competencies and professional development. Shine On and Let There Be Light International.