by Jo Stevens

Happy Earth Month!

Every April, the global community comes together to shine a light on our shared environment and highlight ways to build a healthier, more sustainable world for everyone. During Earth Month, initiatives for environmental outreach proliferate, engaging more and more people in conversations about preserving our planet and taking meaningful action. But, Earth Day can be celebrated every day when we turn our annual actions into daily habits. In this month’s blog, Let There Be Light International’s partners at Solar Health Uganda share the daily climate activities that bring them hope for a cleaner environment and brighter future.

Caroline Mwebaza, Education and Health Director



“While in the field implementing solar light projects, I raise awareness about clean energy through educational sessions about how essential it is to use clean energy rather than dirty polluting energy sources that emit carbon emissions in the atmosphere.”





George Mike Luberenga, Regional Programs Director


“As Uganda faces the realities of climate change, such as erratic weather and dwindling resources, it’s crucial to mobilize efforts for mitigation and adaptation. In my community, in addition to my solar activities, I actively speak out against littering and promote tree-planting initiatives. I have planted fruit trees in my garden and continue to encourage many others to do the same. Trees are essential for absorbing carbon emissions, helping to counteract greenhouse gasses.”




Charity Twesige, Nursing Consultant LTBLI



“Through LTBLI’s Safe Births + Healthy Homes solar programming, we educate and empower new moms to embrace safe energy practices. At our health clinic, we also ensure proper waste management techniques, particularly the segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. We’ve partnered with a recycling company to responsibly manage the waste generated both at the clinic and in the communities we serve.”





Siriman Kiryowa, Research Director LTBLI



“I discourage farmers from burning garden trash and instead advise them to use it for mulch or to make compost. I encourage people to plant fruit trees so that as they enjoy the fruits the trees continue to clean the environment. Every small effort counts. Let’s save our Mother Earth. Plant at least one tree every year for your birthday celebration!”




Gabriel Ssenyondo, Media Director, Artist-in-Residence

“In my work, I use photography to shed light on the environmental challenges that Ugandan communities endure, from the impacts of climate change on agriculture to the scarcity of water sources. These images serve as powerful advocates for change, sparking conversations and inspiring action.

“When sustainable practices become part of our daily life, they are normalized within society. This normalization can lead to cultural shifts and widespread impact. Small actions, when multiplied by millions of people, can lead to significant positive outcomes for the environment. Whether educating communities about safe and clean energy sources like Caroline, ensuring proper waste management techniques like Charity, or planting trees like George Mike, everyone can contribute to making Earth Day into Every Day.