Safe Births + Healthy Homes

The Journey

A mother’s journey in 3 steps:

  1. An outreach worker tells her about a solar incentive program at her local clinic.
  2. She gives birth at the solar-electrified clinic with a trained birth attendant.
  3. She returns home with a safe solar light that helps her care for her new baby.
Follow Tereza’s journey and learn how solar lights change lives.

Solar lights are changing lives!

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Women's Empowerment

“I set aside the money we used to spend on fuel. Now I can buy whatever we need without having to ask my husband. It feels good making my own money as a woman.”

-Gift, 19

Health Improvements

Solar lights replace dirty and polluting kerosene and candles, reducing exposure to indoor air pollution and improving respiratory and eye health.

Increased Safety

“Now I feel safer and better able to take care of my baby at night. The solar light helps me feel less afraid of fire.”

-Saraphina, 27

Greater Access to Education

No longer spending 10-20% of her household income on lighting, Tereza can now afford to send her children to school.

Household Savings

“With the money I save on kerosene, I am now able to prioritize other basic needs like medicine, soap, salt, and scholastic materials.”

– Fatuma, 33

Economic Stability

Monica, a Safe Births + Healthy Homes participant, has used her fuel savings to grow her handicraft business, doubling her revenue in the first year.

A beneficiary’s journey through Safe Births + Healthy Homes

Womans Journey
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