Our Mission

At Let There Be Light International, our mission is to combat energy poverty in vulnerable off-grid communities and to fight global climate change.

About Us

Meet our team and learn about our passion for sharing solar lighting.

Let There Be Light International addresses the basic lighting needs of vulnerable off-grid communities in sub-Saharan Africa through partnerships with local NGO Partners. Meet our partners here.

Together, we distribute solar lights to individuals and families, prioritizing people with disabilities, children, women, and the elderly. To amplify health outcomes, we also deploy solar to electrify high-priority health clinics in these communities, reaching an average of 12,000 people in each catchment area. In addition, we host free educational and outreach forums about how solar lighting offsets the dangers of kerosene and small disposable flashlights, seeding solar markets and supporting last-mile renewable energy programming.

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In the areas we serve in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, and Rwanda the rural electrification rates range from 5% to 35%. The primary lighting inputs in these off-grid communities are kerosene and candles, which are expensive and responsible for high rates of house fires, childhood burns, poisonings, respiratory infections, and headaches. Particulate matter (PM2.5) from kerosene also is a contributor to global climate change, an issue affecting every one of us. With rising kerosene costs, some off-grid families now rely on disposable flashlights. However, without garbage collection or battery recycling programs, the small plastic flashlights and batteries (which only last 1-2 weeks) are thrown into open burn pits or latrines, polluting the air and water. 

The first step is simple: donate solar to provide clean, sustainable lights and power.

Vulnerabilities Prioritized

We provide portable solar lights to families living in extreme poverty and prioritize donations to children and their families, women, and the elderly.

Serving the Community

We raise funds to install solar lighting systems at un-electrified, off-grid health facilities to improve healthcare access and delivery for entire communities.

Data Driven Nonprofit

We collect disaggregated demographic and usage data about all recipients and conduct pre- and post-electrification needs assessments in off-grid areas. Reports and data are available upon request.

Qualified, Durable Solar Lights

All lights approved for distribution in sub-Saharan Africa have been rigorously tested to withstand harsh conditions in resource-constrained Africa.

Transparency is in Our DNA

We believe in accountability and transparency and employ best practices in governance, donor relations, and related areas. You can view our financials here.

no poverty
Solar recipients use fuel savings for basic needs.
good health and wellbeing
Health outcomes improve when solar replaces kerosene.
affordable and clean energy
Millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa still need light.
climate action
LTBLI promotes climate action and environmental justice.

Help us keep the light shining.

Your donation provides light to communities in need and furthers the global Sustainable Development Goals.