Millions of people live without access to electricity in Africa – can you imagine? With your help, we’re doing something about that by solar-electrifying health clinics and donating solar lights to families. Below are pictured three of the more than 10,000 mothers who have delivered their babies safely in one of the 86 health clinics solar-electrified by LTBLI in Uganda. 9 of the clinics now participate in our innovative maternal and infant health program, Safe Births + Healthy Homes, through which all new mothers can return home with a safe solar light after the critical birth event. 

Solar Lights Change Lives!

Nafuna, one of the Safe Births + Healthy Homes participants, was asked about the impact of the program on her family:

“I am from Kitwe village. I am grateful for the solar project which is benefiting so many mothers in this area. More mothers are now comfortable delivering at night. Before, most mothers went to the Traditional Birth Attendants, especially during night-time deliveries, but there is nothing good about delivering with them. In case of complications, a mother and the baby may all end up dead. I always encourage mothers to deliver at the clinic now because they have solar power and they give outstanding care to mothers.

“The solar light I was given has helped me so much. It has helped with my savings a lot. I have been saving 1,500 shillings per week since I was not buying kerosene. My children’s health is also better now, I was worried about their eyes as the smoke from the kerosene affected them.”

Our Larger Impact 

In 2023, LTBLI continued our global advocacy for effective Climate Action and Energy Poverty alleviation. With 10 local partners, we implemented 64 solar projects in vulnerable communities in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi. In March, a team visited sites in Uganda and met with our local partners. In June we celebrated with hundreds of friends at our Solar Celebration. And in July, Executive Director Sarah Baird attended the UN High-Level Political Forum as a Delegate and advocated for safe, renewable energy for all.

Take a look at 2023’s impact:

  • 45,630 new mothers, students, and elders were impacted through the donation of solar lights to 8,450 homes.
  • 9 rural health clinics were solar-electrified and 7 previously electrified clinics received battery replacements.

Our total impact since 2014:

  • 38,950 solar lights donated in Africa
  • 84 rural and off-grid health clinics solar-electrified in Uganda
  • 1.2 MILLION lives impacted, and counting…!

We’ve set big goals for 2024 because the need remains great. With the help of our supporters, we can brighten lives one light at a time.