LTBLI introduces our Artist-In Residence

For Earth Day 2021, Let There Be Light International is featuring the words and work of Ssenyondo Gabriel, an artist also known as Wings Panic. Gabriel is a self-taught artist and a passionate environmentalist who lives on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.  Adopted at the age of 9 after being orphaned as an infant, Gabriel then lost one of his guardians to lung cancer several years later. Gabriel is severely myopic but has a deep talent and passion for art. “I’m obsessed with painting, photography and videography.” In 2020, Gabriel became the first Artist-in-Residence at Solar Health Uganda, where he creates stunning art that communicates Let There Be Light International‘s solar programming and its impact.

Earth Day, Art and Activism

by Ssenyondo Gabriel/Wings Panic

Global warming and pollution are getting more intense over time, making Earth and her inhabitants’ way of life more and more endangered. Switching to renewable and clean energy is a great solution, as we work together to save our precious planet. Everyone can participate. We all have our own capacities and talents and together we can save our home, the earth.

Using Creativity to Change our World

We can make the world a better place for ourselves and for our future generations. Earth Day is great place to start! As a young artist, I am using creativity and drawing to show how solar lights are changing lives. I also am making teaching tools for kindergarten kids by reusing empty cardboard boxes. You can see some of my teaching tools below. A fun fact is that the cardboard boxes were all recycled from solar lights that have been distributed by Let There Be Light International to families without electricity!



Dream and then Take Action

My dream is to sensitize people about the power and benefits of solar lighting. I believe that we all can help reduce waste and pollution. In my community, upgrading from kerosene and candles to solar is one way to make a real difference for today and tomorrow! This Earth Day we can Let There Be Light International!

Please, join Let There Be Light International on Earth Day to fight climate change and energy poverty by donating solar. Your actions really do make a difference! Shine On!