The Program

Safe Births + Healthy Homes improves maternal and infant health

Working with local partners, Safe Births + Healthy Homes (SB+HH) solar-electrifies off-grid health clinics and donates solar lights to new moms and babies for use at home.

Program Impacts

Improved health and safety

When solar lights shine, indoor air quality and health improve, the risk of fire decreases, and families increase anti-malarial bednet usage.

Improved wellbeing

When solar lights shine, mothers report improved indicators of wellbeing and enjoy increased social status in the community.

Improved financial resilience

When solar lights shine, new mothers can be productive into the evening hours, using increased income to build financial stability.

Improved education

When solar lights shine, children use the light to do homework in the evenings, and households increase spending on school fees.

Improved energy affordability

When solar lights shine, new mothers are no longer reliant on kerosene lamps or candles, saving 10-30% of weekly household income.

Improved empowerment

When solar lights shine, new mothers report increased empowerment and decision-making in the household.

Meet the Mothers

Click on the images below to read stories from several of the 1,300 SB+HH mothers sharing the benefits they've received since returning home from the hospital with their new babies and safe solar lights.