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Party in a Box

If you are in the USA, we are able to provide you with lots of materials to host an awesome get-together! T-shirts, balloons, napkins and more – all you need are some friends and you’ve got yourself a party. Party in a Box is a great way to fight Climate Change and support solar programming with your friends. Wine tasting, weekend movie matinee, game night? Order your box now and get ready for a great party! (If you’re outside the USA, we are unable to ship PIAB but can advise you on how you can create your own materials). 

What’s Inside?

Your Party-in-a-Box includes:

  • T-shirts for the host or as a prize for your guests!
  • Branded balloons, napkins, pens & eye-masks
  • Postcards for your guests to take home
  • Envelopes with return address for donations
  • and more!
Click the + on each item in the photo to read more about it!
Party Kit

Balloons! What’s a party without some festive balloons?


Sleep masks for travel & home, and to remind us how hard it is to do anything in the dark!


We’ll include 2 t-shirts that you can either give away or keep for yourself!


LTBLI pens for lots of check-writing 😉


Lots of branded napkins for whatever type of get-together you host, a great reciprocal for popcorn or a landing spot for a glass of wine.


We’ll make sure you have all the resources you need to inform your guests about LTBLI’s mission and how solar changes lives. There will be enough to keep and give away!

Order your Party-in-a-Box today!

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