Meet The Let There Be Light International Team

Let There Be Light International’s Board of Directors represents a broad range of skills, expertise, passions, and geographies. Our local partners in Uganda and Malawi provide on-the-ground expertise and invaluable implementation services.

Sarah Baird

Sarah Baird, MA, MPS, is the Founder and Executive Director of Let There Be Light International. She advocates for renewable energy access to be included in social safety net programming. Sarah is a member of international climate justice and clean energy action groups. Shine On!


Bridget Baird

Bridget Baird, PhD, passionately supports efforts to empower communities to choose safer options for health and for education, serving both people and the environment. Bridget has a longtime interest in gender issues and is Professor Emerita of Mathematics and Computer Science at Connecticut College.

Alissa Benchimol

Alissa Benchimol, MS, works at the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and is an expert in Sustainability and how access to energy intersects with basic human rights. Originally from Brazil, Alissa’s firsthand knowledge about energy poverty drives her commitment to LTBLI’s mission.


Camille Brown, Emerita Board Member

Camille Brown, MD, was a founding Board Member of LTBLI and is a Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics at Yale University where she is the Director of the Pediatric Refugee Clinic. Camille is “proud to be part of Let There Be Light International (LTBLI), bringing safe solar lights to children and their families.”


Emily Dunham

Emily Dunham is an Engineer at Pratt and Whitney and a former LTBLI Field Volunteer where she implemented solar programming for vulnerable families. She writes that “participating in the distribution of solar lights was one of my favorite experiences during my time in Uganda.”


Joanne Goldblum

Joanne Goldblum, MSW, is the Executive Director of the National Diaper Bank Network and the founder of the Diaper Bank, organizations dedicated to child and family welfare in the US. Joanne is an expert in nonprofit development and management and has helped to grow LTBLI over the past 7 years.


Ben Kerman

Ben Kerman, PhD, partners with international philanthropies and local grassroots organizations through BenKermanConsulting, using human and organizational development practices, strategic learning tools, and program evaluation to improve outcomes for children and families.


Steven Levine

Steven Levine, JD, is a 30-year veteran of the Clean Energy Revolution and is the Managing Director of Encap Development LLC. Steve is expert in solar energy and is an attorney specializing in private power generation, energy services, and renewable energy technology development.

Rubens Mukunzi

Rubens Mukunzi is the Founder and Executive Director of Karibu News and Madiba Janitorial Services. Originally from Rwanda, Rubens came to the US as a refugee and has firsthand knowledge of Energy Poverty. Rubens is a proud Rotarian and is passionate about helping others.

Thatcher Mweu

Thatcher Mweu is based in Nairobi, Kenya where she is an Analyst at Open Capital Advisors. Thatcher is passionate about organizational change focused on economic development issues including health, education, agriculture, women’s empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Shreya Nathan

Shreya Nathan is in her second year of a joint MBA/MPA at Wharton and the Harvard Kennedy School and is excited about all things clean energy. In early 2020, she successfully led an MBA team to rural Uganda to conduct an impact assessment of LTBLI’s Safe Births + Healthy Homes program.

Jamie Perry

Jamie Perry is a Clinical Transformation Specialist at Catholic Medical Partners. Jamie has broad expertise in outreach, community engagement and organizational management. Jamie has volunteered with LTBLI for 4 years and is the mother of two young children and an active Rotarian.


L-R: GeorgeMike Luberenga (SHU Consultant), John Bosco (District Health Officer), Sarah Baird, Siriman Kiryowa (SHU Consultant), Caroline Mwebaza (SHU Consultant), and David Derrick Luwaga (ED of KACCAD and Solar Health Uganda).

Solar Health Uganda

Solar Health Uganda is LTBLI’s primary Distribution Partner, implementing many of LTBLI’s programs in Uganda including our signature maternal and infant health project, Safe Births + Healthy Homes. LTBLI supports 3 Energy Poverty Consultants and works closely with the team to develop programs, collect data, and improve programming through iterative and collaborative processes. 


Ssenyondo Gabriel, aka WingsPanic, is a self-taught artist who lives in Bulenga, Uganda, on the outskirts of Kampala. Gabriel writes “I’m obsessed with painting, photography and art.” He supports Let There Be Light International’s mission and advocacy through his beautiful drawings and paintings. Reproductions of Gabriel’s work are available to LTBLI sponsors and can be viewed here.

Policy Fellow

Liz Ruben, MPA, is a legislative fellow in the United States House of Representatives. She has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and is focused on environmental policy and advocacy, with an emphasis on clean energy access and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Communications Consultant

Rachel Stukenborg, M.Eng., is an engineer with a focus in sustainable energy for development. She is passionate about increasing awareness on the relationship between poverty and energy access and carries out data-driven outreach and education for LTBLI.

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