Climate Action is Awesome!

Let There Be Light International invites you to take action to combat Climate Change and shine a bright, solar light on Energy Poverty.

Climate Change is a huge issue. We get it.

But, you have the power to take action and affect change.

Small actions taken together can have large impacts. And we should know! We have changed the daily lives of thousands in Uganda and Malawi over the past 4 years through donations and actions – Large and Small.

College friends send us the $25 they save by not buying lattes for a week. Children have hosted bake sales and donated $75. Others leverage friends and family to solar-electrify an entire clinic for $3,500.

On the playground of a school with solar.

Solar smiles at a recently electrified school

Find out more about how you can fight Climate Change and Energy Poverty through a personal or group Campaign or by joining an aligned Student Organization.

Environmental marches and petitions are great, but Climate Action is Awesome!

Remember, Solar Lights Change Lives!

Shine ON!