Let There Be Light


 Why Help?

  • Climate Change and Poverty are important issues
  • Many people need help to switch from kerosene to solar
  • The donation of a $15 solar light is a low-cost/high-impact intervention 
  • LTBLI's impacts include CO2 reduction and health, safety and educational outcomes
  • Solar lights improve our shared global environment
  • Energy Access is a UN Sustainable Development Goal (#7)
  • We all have the power to affect meaningful change. Give Solar, Change Lives!
Donate through Network for Good

Become a Solar Ambassador

Choose one or both options below:

  1. Raise money and donate at least 10 lights (minimum $150)​

  2. Raise awareness about Climate Change and Energy Poverty through an outreach or educational event in your community, school, house of worship, etc.


$5 donates light.

$15 donates a lantern.

$50 lights 3 homes.

$250 lights a classroom.

$500 lights a community.

$2,500 lights a school.

$3,500 lights a clinic!