Become a Shine On Hero and sponsor a community

100% of your money brings solar power to an entire community.

Sponsor a Community

Our community sponsorship costs vary depending on project type, geography, and local economies. On average, projects start at $250 and we welcome donations of $10,000 or more. Choose one of the sponsorship tiers below, or gift a donation amount of your preference.

There are plenty of ways to sponsor solar lighting.

We fund a variety of community projects. Each project is chosen based on culture and economic conditions. When you sponsor a project, we’ll pair your donation with a solution of an appropriate cost.

Sponsor a community

Your donation of $10,000 will solar-electrify 2 Health Clinics and give solar lights to 200 vulnerable families.

Sponsor a health clinic

Your donation of $3,500 will solar-electrify a rural health clinic, providing improved healthcare access and delivery for 10+ years.

Sponsor a school

Your donation of $2,500 will give safe solar lights to 175 vulnerable students and their families.

Sponsor a classroom

Your donation of $250 will donate solar lights to teachers and staff at 1 school.

Have questions about sponsoring a project? Please get in touch with our team.

203.281.9565 [email protected]