Safe Births + Healthy Homes

Working to make the world a better place

Let There Be Light International's Safe Births + Healthy Homes (SB+HH) is committed to furthering the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as we work together to combat global poverty and support sustainable development.

Working with partners and local stakeholders, SB+HH acts as a transformative pathway to accelerated action on our shared global goals.

Safe Births + Healthy Homes and the SDGs

Safe Births + Healthy Homes is rooted in SDG7, which ensures access to modern, sustainable energy. Access to safe and renewable energy is also linked to other SDGs including Poverty alleviation, Health, Women's Empowerment, and Climate Action.

Safe Births + Healthy Homes solar-electrifies prioritized off-grid health clinics and donates solar lights to new moms for use at home, reducing their reliance on nonrenewable lighting.

Safe Births + Healthy Homes enables mothers to reduce spending on dirty and dangerous kerosene, improving household economic conditions and enabling greater financial security and increased spending on other basic needs.

Safe Births + Healthy Homes empowers women in the home and community. Family members participate in program training, which reinforces that the new mother is the owner of the solar asset.

Safe Births + Healthy Homes solar-electrifies clinics and incentivizes attended births, improving community-based healthcare access and delivery and household safety and health.

Safe Births + Healthy Homes drives climate action and seeds renewable energy markets, enabling behavioral changes from carbon-emitting lighting to cleaner, renewable energy sources.

We look for synergies.

Email us for potential collaboration.

Tell us about your organization and how we could partner.

    Let There Be Light International invites partners to contact us to discuss potential collaboration opportunities in the implementation of Safe Births + Healthy Homes. See current projects in our pipeline and what we are looking for:

    1. Launch of SB+HH in new service area
    Est. Cost $15,000
    We are looking to partner with an organization working on maternal and infant health which is interested in implementing Safe Births + Healthy Homes in their service delivery area. Programming to include outreach and educational materials, staff training, solar lights for first year of programming at 1-2 clinics (depending on delivery rates), and M&E support.
    2. Field research partners
    We are looking for academic partners leading research on the intersection of women empowerment and basic needs provision. LTBLI welcomes proposals for joint collaboration on data gathering and qualitative analysis.

    Location: Uganda