Let There Be Light


Board and Advisors


Sarah Baird, President
Joanne Goldblum, Secretary
       National Diaper Bank Network
Benjamin Kerman, Treasurer
      Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Bridget Baird
      Connecticut College
Camille Brown
      Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics, Yale University
Steven Levine 
      Encap Development LLC

Emily Dunham

       Pratt & Whitney

Program Advisors
Derrick Luwaga, Program Advisor, Executive Director of KACCAD 
GeorgeMichael Luberenga, Health Coordinator KACCAD

Scymanski, Digital Marketing Consultant (2015-Present)
Aaron Windhorst, Design Consultant (2014-Present)

Let There Be Light International works with two vetted and highly valued NGO Solar Distribution Partners in our current service areas of Uganda and Malawi. In Uganda we work with Kyosiga Community Christian Association for Development (KACCAD) under the direction of Derrick Luwaga. In Malawi we work with Compassionate Mission Center under the direction of Francis Mpinganjira. Without Derrick, Francis and their staff and volunteers, LTBLI could not reach those in greatest need, as we fight climate change and entrenched energy poverty.

Let There Be Light International thanks our many partners and supporters in the United States. In particular, we thank Christopher Tabakin and iHi International who work to meet the needs of vulnerable international people (VIPs) in our distribution areas and A Broader View, (ABV), who send amazing volunteers to Uganda and elsewhere around the world.

Let There Be Light International relies on our many dedicated volunteers and field workers here and abroad, who make all that we do possible.

Let There Be Light International also thanks our hundreds of generous donors and grantors, including the Maine Community Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies Employee Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Lippincott Foundation, and the Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation.


People and Places