Let There Be Light


145 vulnerable people living in extreme poverty received solar lights in Malawi in February. Above, a girl studies with her new light. 

In April 2017, LTBLI's Executive Director, Sarah Baird (above), participated as a Member Delegate at the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Forum where she advocated for a pro-poor energy-access perspective in local, regional, national and international energy projects and programming. In July, LTBLI was at the United Nations to participate in a U.N. Foundation Partnership Exchange. In September, Sarah presented a paper on LTBLI's clinic electrification projects at the International Conference on Sustainable Development during Climate Week. This is her 3rd year as a presenter.

Our Press Packet provides more information about programming and impact. Click on the link, above.

In the first 10 months of 2017, 2,195 vulnerable off-grid families living in pre-market communities in Uganda and Malawi have received safe solar lights and 6 rural off-grid Health Clinics in Uganda were solar-electrified! Thank you to KACCAD, Compassionate Mission Center, and to our newest partner, MAFA, all of whom are working on energy poverty alleviation in off-grid, impoverished communities. Shine On!

In October, LTBLI conducted our annual site visits in Uganda. We met with local partners, beneficiaries, health center personnel, members of the regional health ministries, teachers, parents, local Rotarians, and other stakeholders, 

George Mike Luberenga (above) is LTBLI's Outreach and Educational Consultant in Uganda. He is pictured with a Solar Recipient who was born with albinism. George Mike conducts weekly informational sessions at health clinics and in remote rural areas to educate communities about solar lights. He works with new mothers, orphans, the elderly and people living with disabilities.


In February 2017, the Rotary Clubs of Moorestown, NJ, and Buloba, Uganda joined together to donate and distribute 120 safe Solar Lights to students at the Buyanja Preparatory School! The students celebrate and send thanks (above).

2017 - a Year of Solar Light