We make fundraising for solar energy easy.


Get inspired by the 600 million people in Africa who don’t have access to clean energy. Then, decide to help.

Setting up a campaign takes just a few minutes. Simply create an account and then in a few mouse clicks you’ll have a campaign set up and dedicated to your fundraising efforts. Enter your fundraising goal, campaign name, and choose a photo from our library.


Tell your friends and family about your campaign and ask them to give to the cause.

We make it easy to share your campaign across your favorite social channels. The more people you tell about your good deed campaign, the quicker you’ll reach your fundraising goal. So spread the word and watch the donations roll in.


Witness solar energy spread across Malawi and Uganda.

Once your campaign ends, we’ll use the donations to spread solar energy across communities in Malawi and Uganda. Because we have generous private donors, 100% of the money you raise will go toward combatting energy poverty in the communities we serve.

Help us keep the light shining.

Your donation provides light to communities in need.

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