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Solar Lighting for Rural Uganda

Michael Marron

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What would you do if you couldn’t just flip a switch to make your room, or your world brighter? It’s hard to imagine, but over a billion people have no idea what it’s like to have light at their fingertips.

In Africa alone, there are 600 million people without electricity and without access to light. They’re left to use dirty and dangerous kerosene lighting – something that causes fires, poisonings, and burns among its too many of its users. And it’s expensive to buy, leaving many families going without everyday necessities in order to light their homes. Worse, health clinics are forced to shut their doors at sundown restricting health care to communities only during daylight.

There’s a simple and cost-effective solution: portable solar lighting. In fact, one light costs just $15 to buy and distribute to a household in Malawi or Uganda and it lasts 3 years on average. And on a larger scale, a moderate donation can light an entire health clinic.

I’m creating this fundraiser with Let There Be Light International to shine the light on for as many people, households, and communities that we can with your donations. Please donate – anything you’re able to give is a huge help. Here’s what your donations can help fund:

  • $250 will light up a classroom for 3 years
  • $500 will give light to more than 100 people for 3 years
  • $2,500 will sponsor a school for 3 years
  • $3,500 will sponsor a community health clinic for 3 years

100% of your donation will be used to provide clean, sustainable solar light on the communities Let There Be Light International serves, meaning your money will directly impact the lives of others!